2020-2021 Session Records

This page contains all of the records for the 2020-2021 Session of the Student Government. For a directory of students involved in Student Government during this year, please click here.


Fall Semester (2020) Spring Semester (2021)
Resolution 120.001
A Resolution Establishing Legislative and Executive Procedure for Summer 2020
Resolution 120.011
A Resolution Allocating the Budget for the Construction of the Labyrinth
Resolution 120.002
A Resolution Endorsing the Proposed “Bill on Temporary Attendance Policy” for the Fall 2020 Semester
Resolution 120.012
A Resolution Calling on the State Government to Categorize University Staff as Critical Infrastructure Workers
Resolution 120.003
A Resolution Allocating the Budget for Truman Week
Resolution 120.013
A Resolution in Memorial of JoEllen Flanagan Engelbart, Truman State University Alumna
Resolution 120.004
A Resolution Formalizing the New Official Seal of the Student Government
Resolution 120.014
A Resolution Proclaiming February 27, 2021 as TRIO Day
Resolution 120.005
A Resolution Endorsing Academic Practices for Fall 2020
Resolution 120.015
A Resolution to Require Resolutions be Sent Out to the Truman State Student Body
Resolution 120.006
A Resolution Documenting Student Government Efforts to Support International Students
Resolution 120.016
A Resolution Related to Emergency Weather Systems Tests
Resolution 120.007
A Resolution Supporting Rainbow Friday in Celebration of National Coming Out Day
Resolution 120.017
A Resolution Amending the Duties of the Student Government Treasurer in the Standing Rules of the Student Government
Resolution 120.008
A Resolution Encouraging the Suspension of Student Obligations on Election Day
Resolution 120.018
A Resolution Amending the Description of the Environmental Affairs Committee in the Standing Rules of the Student Government
Resolution 120.009
A Resolution Adding Union and Involvement Services Required Language to the Standing Rules of the Truman State University Student Government
Resolution 120.019
A Resolution Officially Renaming the Diversity Committee to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee in the Standing Rules and Constitution of the Student Government
Resolution 120.010
A Resolution Calling on the City of Kirksvile to Adopt a Face Mask Mandate
Resolution 120.020
A Resolution Calling on the City of Kirksville to Maintain the Face Mask Mandate Until
Achieving Widespread Vaccination
  Resolution 120.021
A Resolution Amending the Organizational Representative Petitioning Process in the Standing Rules of the Student Government
  Resolution 120.022
A Resolution to Encourage the Divestment of the Truman State University Endowment Fund From Fossil Fuel-Based Companies
  Resolution 120.023
A Resolution to Add a Sustainable Living Section to the Residence Life Guidebook and Website
  Resolution 120.024
A Resolution of Support of The Proposal for a Gender and Sexual Diversity Center
  Resolution 120.025
A Resolution to Offer the Initiation of the New York Times Digital Readership Program as a Ballot Measure for the Spring 2021 Student Government Elections

Executive Orders

Fall 2020 Spring 2021
An Executive Order Re-Authorizing the 2019-2020 Vision Document Ad Hoc Committee of the Student Government for 2020-2021 – 4/26/20
An Executive Order Establishing the Governing Documents Review Board Ad Hoc Committee for the Spring 2021 Semester – 01/31/21
An Executive Order Authorizing the COVID-19 Response Team Ad-Hoc Committee – 5/3/20
An Executive Order Establishing A Women’s Leadership Conference Ad Hoc Committee of the Student Government – 11/22/20
An Executive Order Modifying Procedures and Issuing Recommendations for the 2020-2021 Organizational Activities Fee Review Committee – 11/22/20


General Body Meeting Minutes

Fall Semester (2020) Spring Semester (2021)
General Body Meeting Minutes 4/26/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 1/18/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 5/3/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 1/24/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 7/12/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 1/31/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 8/23/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/7/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 8/30/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/14/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/6/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/21/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/13/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/28/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/20/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/14/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/27/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/21/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/4/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/28/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/11/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 4/5/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/18/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 4/11/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/25/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 4/18/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/1/20 General Body Meeting Minutes 4/25/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/8/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/15/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/22/20

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Fall Semester (2020) Spring Semester (2021)
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/2/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 1/21/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/9/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 1/28/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/16/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/4/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/23/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/11/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/30/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/18/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/7/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/25/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/14/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 3/18/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/21/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 3/25/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/28/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 4/1/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/4/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 4/8/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/11/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 4/15/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/18/20 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 4/22/21



Student Government Fall 2020 Budget
Student Government Spring 2021 Budget

In addition to viewing Student Government’s budget, we encourage students to take a look at the budgets of the other fee-based organizations on campus, the Student Activities Board (SAB), and Funds Allotment Council (FAC), so you know how your money is being spent.


Appropriations & Fee Allocation

Appropriations Slate – 02/28/21
Appropriations Slate – 04/11/21
AFAC Slate – 04/25/21
ESFAC Slate – 04/18/21


End of Year Reports

Primary Committees: Secondary Committees: Executive Board: Executive Staff:
Academic Affairs Committee Select Committee on Parking Appeals President Ethics Justice
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Athletic Fee Accountability Committee (AFAC) Vice President Elections Administrator
Environmental Affairs Committee Environmental Sustainability Fee Accountability Committee (ESFAC) Secretary IT Director
External Affairs Committee Women’s Leadership Conference Ad-Hoc Committee Treasurer PR Director
Health, Wellness, and Safety Committee Purple Friday Committee Speaker Legislative Director
Student Affairs Committee Black Student Representative


Elections Results

Spring 2020 Election Results
Fall 2020 Election Results
(Because only three candidates ran for the four available Incoming Senator positions in Fall 2020, Joshua Grandstaff, who fulfilled all the requirements of an Incoming Senator, was awarded the final Incoming Senator position.)