Primary Committees

Student Government has 6 Standing Committees: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, External Affairs, Campus Diversity, Environmental Affairs, and Health, Wellness, and Safety.  Standing Committees are where to bulk of our work get accomplished, read below to learn more about each individual Committee and what they are up to!

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chair: Voting Senator Jessie Phillips


Membership: Associate Senator Willow Reese

Mission: The Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to actively foster inclusion by providing support to groups and individual members of our campus and to increase the integration of our diverse student body through revising and creating mission-enhancing policy.

Environmental Affairs Committee

Chair: Voting Senator Bryanna Seim


Membership: Voting Senator Drew Lieberoff and Associate Senator Hannah Kuhnert

Mission: The Environmental Affairs Committee strives to promote sustainable behavior and decrease the environmental impact of the University, its students, faculty, and staff. ​​

External Affairs Committee

Chair: Voting Senator Adli Jacobs


Membership: Senior Senator Mike Owsley & Voting Senator Chase Strub

Mission: The External Affairs Committee strives to promote communication between the Student Association and the larger society of which it is a part. This committee actively works to: establish and maintain communication with members of the Kirksville community, the Missouri State Government, and the student governments from other Universities.

Health, Wellness, and Safety Committee

Chair: Voting Senator Marcia Humphreys


Membership: Voting Senator Savannah Thomas and Incoming Senator Nuraiym Makashova

Mission: The Health, Wellness, and Safety Committee strives to improve students’ lives by advocating for policies that prioritize student health and wellness, spreading awareness about university resources that are available to protect and care for students, and making student concerns known to administration.

Student Affairs Committee

Chair: Voting Senator Lucas Manalang


Membership: Voting Senator Eli Bartz, Voting Senator Eli Baum, Associate Senator Logan Metten, Associate Senator Dalton Holder, and Associate Senator Riley Necker.

Mission: The Student Affairs committee strives to assure the fulfillment of the University’s mission in the non-academic aspects of the University community from the perspective of the Student Association.

Academic Affairs Committee


Chair: Voting Senator Alex Peterson


Mission: The Academic Affairs Committee is dedicated to ensuring the continuance of academic quality at Truman State University from the perspective of the student association. The committee strives to promote: a diverse curriculum, academic integrity, and other ethics and values inherent in an liberal arts and sciences education.

Chair: Voting Senator Sal Niemeyer


Membership: Senior Senator Owen Hamill & Voting Senator Payten Luaders