Budget & Appropriations Slates

Since Student Senate is funded by student fees, we are committed to making sure that the Student Body is aware of and approves of what we are doing. Here you will find our budgets and appropriations for this Session! For questions on the budget or appropriations, please contact the Treasurer Joseph Denklau here.


Spring 2023
(Note: You must be signed into your Truman email account to access the current Budget because the budget it is frequently updated with expenditures reported by the Student Government’s various committees.)
Fall 2023 

In addition to viewing Student Government’s budget, we encourage students to take a look at the budgets of the other fee-based organizations on campus, the Student Activities Board (SAB), and Funds Allotment Council (FAC), so you know how your money is being spent.

Appropriations & Fee Slates

If you would like assistance in funding an organization, project, consider applying for funding through our Appropriations Committee! You can receive up to $650 in funding! Check out the funding guidelines and application here. Applications close on April 1st of each academic year.