Secondary & Ad-Hoc Committees

In addition to our Standing Committees, Student Government has various Secondary Committees & Subcommittees which address specific, ongoing tasks and issues. These include: Appropriations, The Athletic Fee Accountability Committee, The Environmental Sustainability Fee Accountability Committee, Purple Friday Committee, The Alumni Conference Committee, and the Parking Appeals Committee. To learn what these committees can do for you, read on!

AFAC Committee

Chair: Madeline Burwell


Membership: Eileen Finley (Club Sports Rep), Grace Schnelle (Student at Large), Greta Hanson (Varsity Sports Rep), Kathryn George (Club Sports Rep) & Max McMullin (Varsity Sports Rep),

Mission: TBD

Appropriations Committee 

Chair: Joseph Denklau


Membership: TBD

Mission: The Appropriations Committee strives to ensure the fair and beneficial allocation of funds to various students, student organizations, and campus wide efforts. For more information, please see the Appropriations page.

ESFAC Committee


Chair: Emma Rohrbach


Members: Adelynn Heitzman (Student at Large),& Olivia Richter (Office Rep)

Mission: TBD

Gov Docs Committee



Chair: Alicia Stout


Membership: Colleen O’Reilly, Mairin Warner, and Savannah Thomas

Mission: The Governing Documents Review Board examines and revises the rules that keep Student Government running. This committee looks at the Constitution, Standing Rules, and Operating Procedures, identifies necessary changes, and suggests revisions. This committee is open to all members of Student Government and the Student Body.

Parking Appeals Committee



Chair: Ashton Mullen


Membership: TBD

Mission: The parking appeals committee is tasked with the unbiased examination and ruling of parking appeals as submitted by Truman Students.

Purple Friday Committee




Chair: Samantha Dotson


Membership: Associate Senator Ashley Spry

Mission: The Purple Friday Committee strives to make Fridays as fun and purple as possible with the goal of promoting school wide spirit and pride! Check us out  tabling around campus on select Fridays each month!

Vision Docs Committee


Chair: Mairin Warner


Membership: Marcia Humphereys

Mission: The Vision Documents Committee works to establish attainable long term goals for the Student  Government and the University from the perspective of the Student Association.