Open Positions & Applications

Student Government is more than just elected senators. It takes a dedicated team of appointed executive and committee members to fulfill all of Student Government’s goals! You can apply for those roles here! Questions can be directed to the President or Vice President.

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Open Positions

Student Representative to the Board of Governors (Apply Here)

  • The Student Representative to the Board of Governors is a non-voting position on the board that represents the student voice at Truman State. The Student Representative plays a vital role in the protection and advancement of student interests, representing the student body on University policy issues such as tuition, student fees, personnel, and construction projects.”

Legislative Director

  • The Legislative Director keeps track of what is going on with the Local, State and Federal governments and informs the Student Government of any potential policies that may impact the Truman community.

Black Student Representative

  • This position was created because it was suggested in the 2020 Association of Black Collegians Petition. The Black Student Representative attends General Body and Executive Committee meetings and communicates directly with relevant student organizations about student government business.

Associate Senators

  • Associate Senators can serve on any committee. They attend one meeting a week, and work on projects with the Student Government.

Applications List (to apply click green highlighted text above specific position)

Student Government operates three committees that oversee the usage of student fees. The Athletic Fee Accountability Committee (AFAC) oversees the spending of the Athletic Fee and approves projects proposed by students, campus administration, and the Athletic Department to better athletes on campus. The Environmental Sustainability Fee Accountability Committee (ESFAC) performs the same role as AFAC with the Environmental Sustainability Fee. Lastly, the Organizational Activities Fee Review Committee (OAF) reviews the finances and general operation of the three fee-based organizations on campus: Student Government, the Funds Allotment Council (FAC), and the Student Activities Board (SAB), as well as ESFAC and AFAC. OAF seeks to determine what changes, if any, should be made to the amount each student is charged for each fee, and also makes recommendations as to what each organization/committee can do to operate in a more responsible an transparent way to better the campus.

Please fill out this application if you are interested in serving as committee chair for Purple Friday, Parking Appeals, one of our six standing committees, or as the Sexual Assault Prevention Designee.


Please fill out this application if you are interested in serving on our Executive Board (Secretary, Treasurer) or Executive Staff (PR Director, Legislative Director, IT Director, or Presidential Aide).


All Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) in good standing with the U&I may petition StuGov for a representative who will be allowed to give a report during each meeting. These representatives communicate with us about their organization’s activities and goals and can work with us to create and advance policy from the perspective of their group. To be an Organizational Representative, please fill out the form above.