2018-2019 Session Records


Fall Semester (2018) Spring Semester (2019)
Resolution 118.001 – A Resolution Establishing the Senatorial-Organization Liaison Program Resolution 118.009 – A Resolution to Support an Interdisciplinary “Course Threads” Certificate Program
Resolution 118.002 – A Resolution Designating the Student Government New Member Handbook Resolution 118.010 – A Resolution Designating the Official Graduation Honor Cord of the Truman State University Student Government
Resolution 118.003 – A Resolution Amending the Standing Rules of Student Government_ Attendance and Absences Resolution 118.011 – A Resolution Amending the Standing Rules of Student Government – Committees and Committee Chairs
Resolution 118.004 – A Resolution Amending the Constitution and the Standing Rules of Student Government Creating a Position for a Sexual Assault Prevention Designee Resolution 118.012 – A Resolution Establishing Mental Health Week in the Student Government Standing Rules
Resolution 118.005 – A Resolution in Continued Support of the Proposed Changes to the Current Course Repeat Policy Resolution 118.013 – A Resolution Promoting the Visibility of Gender Neutral and Accessible Bathroom Maps
Resolution 118.006 – A Resolution for the Student Government to Publish a Yearly Freshman Guide to Truman Academics and Student Life Resolution 118.014 – A Resolution Supporting the Double Counting of Dialogues Courses
Resolution 118.007 – Resolution for the Direction in which the Student Government will Advocate for Sexual Assault Prevention Resolution 118.015 – A Resolution Proposing the Formation of a Long-Term Fund to Completely Fund the Purchase and Implementation of a Solar Energy Project at the University Farm
Resolution 118.008 – A Resolution in Support of Delaying the Implementation of the Dialogues Curriculum until
the Fall of 2020
Resolution 118.016 – A Resolution Endorsing the Proposed Climate Resolution
Resolution 118.017 – A Resolution Encouraging Truman to Reconsider the University’s Alcohol Policies
Resolution 118.018 – A Resolution Amending the Operating Procedures of the Environmental Sustainability Fee Accountability Committee
Resolution 118.019 – A Resolution Supporting the Continuation of Purple Friday’s End-of-Year Celebration
Resolution 118.020 – A Resolution Amending the Constitution and the Standing Rules of Student Government – Revising the Procedure for Selecting the Student Representative to the Board of Governors
Resolution 118.021 – A Resolution Approving Spring 2019 Ballot Language for the Redistribution of the Student Activities Fee
Resolution 118.022 – A Resolution Suggesting the Appointment of a Main Street Kirksville Student Government Representative For the 2019-2020 Academic Year
Resolution 118.023 – A Resolution Outlining the Development of the Former Fair Apartments Lot
Resolution 118.024 – A Resolution Amending the Constitution of Student Government – Revising Committee Descriptions
Resolution 118.025 – A Resolution Formalizing Student Government’s Role in Earth Week
Resolution 118.026 – A Resolution Honoring the Educator, Research Mentor, and Faculty Mental Health Honoree of the Year

Executive Orders

Fall Semester (2018) Spring Semester (2019)
An Executive Order Establishing the Procedure for Discretionary Appropriations of Allocated Money from the Environmental Sustainability Fee An Executive Order Establishing the Operating Procedures for the Organizational Activities Fee Review Committee
An Executive Order Establishing A Women’s Leadership Conference Ad Hoc Committee of the Student Government
An Executive Order Establishing A Vision Document Ad Hoc Committee of the Student Government

Appropriations Slates

Fall Semester (2018) Spring Semester (2019)
Appropriations Slate 9/16/18 Appropriations Slate 2/10/19
Appropriations Slate 10/14/18 Appropriations Slate 3/17/19
Appropriations Slate 11/4/18 Appropriations Slate 3/31/19
Appropriations Slate 12/2/18

Fee Slates

Spring Semester (2019)
Athletic Fee Slate
Environmental Sustainability Fee Slate


Fall Semester (2018) Spring Semester (2019)
Fall 2018 Semester Budget Spring 2019 Semester Budget

General Body Meeting Minutes

Spring Semester (2018) Fall Semester (2018) Spring Semester (2019)
General Body Meeting Minutes 4/22/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 8/19/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 1/21/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 4/29/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 8/26/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 1/27/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 5/6/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 9/3/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/3/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/9/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/10/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/16/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/17/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/30/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/24/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/7/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/3/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/14/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/17/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/28/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/24/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/4/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/31/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/11/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 4/7/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 12/2/18 General Body Meeting Minutes 4/28/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 12/9/18

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Fall Semester (2018) Spring Semester (2019)
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/4/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 1/24/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/11/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 1/31/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/18/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/14/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/25/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/21/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/2/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/28/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/9/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 3/7/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/16/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 3/21/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/24/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 3/28/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/30/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 4/4/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/6/18 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 4/11/19
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/13/18
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/27/18
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 12/4/18

End of Year Reports

Standing Committees:
Academic Affairs Committee End of Year Report
Campus Diversity Committee End of Year Report
Environmental Affairs Committee End of Year Report
External Affairs Committee End of Year Report
Health, Wellness, & Safety Committee End of Year Report
Student Affairs Committee End of Year Report
Secondary & Sub Committees:
Purple Friday Subcommittee End of Year Report
Women’s Leadership Conference Ad Hoc Committee End of Year Report
Executive Board:
Vice President