2019-2020 Session Records


Fall Semester (2019) Spring Semester (2020)
Resolution 119.008
A Resolution Amending the Preamble and Article I of the Constitution of the Truman State
University Student Government
Resolution 119.033
A Resolution in Support of Maps Outlining Student Access to Services in Academic
Resolution 119.007
A Resolution Advocating for Improved Efficiency of Emergency Alerts at Truman State
Resolution 119.032
A Resolution Outlining the Extended Funding and Reveal of the 2020 Vision Document
Resolution 119.006
A Resolution in Recognition and Support of the First Generation Advisory Committee
Sponsored by Alexandra Crawford, Student Affairs Committee Chair;
Resolution 119.031
A Resolution Outlining the Programming of Wellness Events for the Fall 2020 Semester
Resolution 119.005
A Resolution Endorsing the Deans’ Council Online Courses Policy and the Truman
Quality Matters Initiative
Resolution 119.030
A Resolution to Reschedule Diversity Week From Spring 2020 to Fall 2020
Resolution 119.004
A Resolution Establishing the 2019-2020 Rules Revision Ad Hoc Committee
Resolution 119.029
A Resolution to Establish a Designated “Bike to Campus” Day for Truman State
University Faculty, Staff, and Students
Resolution 119.003 – A Resolution Amending the Standing Rules and Constitution of the Truman State University Student Government Redefining the Role of the Treasurer to Encompass the Appropriations Chair and All Responsibilities Therein  Resolution 119.028
A Resolution Encouraging the Restructuring of Student Government Committee
Resolution 119.027
A Resolution Authorizing Student Government’s Participation in the City of Kirksville’s
Adopt-A-Street Program
Resolution 119.026
A Resolution Outlining the Continued Development of the Academic Accolades Banquet
Resolution 119.025
A Resolution Simplifying and Amending the Constitution of the Truman State University
to Include a Judicial Branch and Governing Document Review Board
Resolution 119.024 A Resolution for the Adoption of Indigenous Land Acknowledgement of Adair County 
Resolution 119.023 – A Resolution Encouraging the Defunding of the Collegiate Readership Program and Charging the 2020-2021 OAF Committee to Consider an Online-Based Newspaper Resource
Resolution 119.022
A Resolution Advocating for Improved Relations Between Student Government Alumni and Current Student Government Members
Resolution 119.021
A Resolution Centralizing Executive Powers Into an Executive Branch
Resolution 119.020 – A Resolution Encouraging Faculty to Continue to Work with Students in Response to theCOVID-19 Outbreak and Related Academic Student Concerns
Resolution 119.019
A Resolution Encouraging the Student Government to Plan Annual Professional
Programming Events for the Student Body
Resolution 119.018
A Resolution Encouraging More Frequent and Direct Communication with Students in
Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak and Related Student Concerns
Resolution 119.017
A Resolution Recommending the Inactivation of Defunct Classes from the Course Catalog
Resolution 119.016 – A Resolution Consolidating and Amending Article II in the Constitution and Article I in the Standing Rules of the Student Government
Resolution 119.015 – A Resolution Advocating for Proper Communication from Truman State University
Residence Life Staff in Emergency Situations
Resolution 119.014 –  A Resolution Supporting the Direction and Current Recommendations of the President’s
Sustainability Action Committee on Carbon Neutrality Planning
Resolution 119.013 An Omnibus Resolution Amending Committees and Committee Structure in the
Constitution and the Standing Rules of the Truman State University Student Government
Resolution 119.012 -Resolution Advocating for the Removal of the “High Impact Experience” Requirement
from the Dialogues Curriculum
Resolution 119.011 – A Resolution in Memorial of Dr. Debra Kerby, Dean of the Truman State University
School of Business
Resolution 119.010
A Resolution Amending Article X of the Constitution of the Truman State University
Student Government and Article VIII of the Standing Rules of the Truman State
University Student Government
Resolution 119.009
A Resolution Supporting the Removal of “Dead Name” Initials From Student Usernames

Executive Orders

Fall 2019 Spring 2020
Executive Order Establishing A Vision Document Ad Hoc Committee of the Student Government- 10/06/2019
Executive Order Establishing A Women’s Leadership Conference Ad Hoc Committee of the Student Government-10/06/2019


General Body Meeting Minutes

Fall Semester (2019) Spring Semester (2020)
General Body Meeting Minutes 4/26/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 12/08/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 4/19/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 12/01/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 4/13/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/17/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 4/06/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/10/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/29/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/03/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/22/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/27/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/20/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/20/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 3/15/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/13/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/27/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/6/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/23/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/29/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 02/16/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/22/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/09/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/15/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 2/2/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/8/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 1/26/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 9/2/19 General Body Meeting Minutes 1/20/20
General Body Meeting Minutes 8/25/19
General Body Meeting Minutes 8/18/19

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Fall Semester (2019) Spring Semester (2020)
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 04/21/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 04/14/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 12/03/19 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 04/07/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/19/19 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 03/31/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/12/19 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 03/24/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/05/19 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 03/17/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/29/19 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 03/05/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/22/2019 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/27/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/15/2019 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/20/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/8/2019 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/13/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/1/2019 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2/06/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/17/2019 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 1/29/20
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 9/10/2019 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 1/23/20


End of Year Reports

Committees and SubCommittees:
Academic Affairs Committee End of Year Report
Campus Diversity Committee End of Year Report
Environmental Affairs Committee End of Year Report
External Affairs Committee End of Year Report
Health, Wellness, & Safety Committee End of Year Report
Student Affairs Committee End of Year Report
Vision Doc Ad Hoc Committee End of Year Report
Purple Friday Subcommittee End of Year Report
Women’s Leadership Conference Ad Hoc Committee End of Year Report
Public Relations Director End of Year Report
Executive Board:
Vice President


Student Government Spring 2020 Budget
Student Government Fall 2019 Budget


Appropriations Slate02/16/2020
Appropriations Slate– 02/09/2020 
Appropriations Slate- 02/02/2020
Appropriations Slate- 01/20/2020
Appropriations Slate- 12/08/2019
Appropriations Slate- 11/03/2019
Appropriations Slate- 10/03/2019 

Election Results:

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