2021-2022 Session Records

This page contains all of the records for the 2021-2022 Session of the Student Government. For a directory of students involved in Student Government during this year, please click here.


Click on the title of the resolution to view the text of the resolution, and click on the vote count to view how senators voted on the resolution (this may not be available for all resolutions).

Fall Semester (2021)
Resolution Number Resolution Title Pass/Fail Vote
121.001 A Resolution Allocating the Budget for Truman Week 2021 Pass Unanimous Consent
121.002 A Resolution Encouraging a COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate at Truman State University and Supporting an AAUP Petition Pass 14-0-0
121.003 A Resolution Opposing a COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate and Acknowledging the Right to Make Personal Health Decisions Fail 2-18-0
121.004 A Resolution Amending the Absence Policy in the Governing Documents of the Student Government Pass Unanimous Consent
121.005 A Resolution of Continued Support of Establishing a Gender and Sexual Diversity Center Pass 17-3-0
N/A Motion to Amend Article II of the Constitution of the Truman State University Student Government Pass Unanimous Consent
121.006 A Resolution Amending the Procedure of the Appropriations Committee in the Standing Rules of the Student Government Pass 19-0-0
121.007 A Resolution Supporting Survivors, Protests, and Action List of University of Missouri Pass Unanimous Consent
121.008 A Resolution Recommending Dialogue to Raise the Minimum Wage Pass 12-5-0
121.009 A Resolution Amending Election Procedures in the Governing Documents of the Student Government Pass Unanimous Consent
Spring Semester (2022)
121.010 A Resolution Amending the Duties of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Pass Unanimous Consent
121.011 A Resolution Encouraging Truman State University to Amend its Nondiscrimination Policy to Include Gender Identity Pass Unanimous Consent
121.012 A Resolution Concerning OAF Regulations Pass 12-0-1
121.013 A Resolution Supporting the Creation of Environmentally-Focused Academic Programs Pass 11-1-1
121.014 A Resolution Endorsing the Athletic Fee Accountability Committee’s Long-Term Project
Selection: Softball Turf Field and Fencing
Pass Unanimous Consent


Executive Orders

Fall 2021 Spring 2022
10/3/21 – An Executive Order Establishing a Governing Documents Review Board for the Fall 2021 Semester 03/27/22 – An Executive Order Recommending a Streamlined Process for Student-Initiated Fee Proposal
10/10/21 – An Executive Order Establishing A Homecoming Ad Hoc Committee of the Student Government


General Body Meeting Minutes

Fall Semester (2021) Spring Semester (2022)
General Body Meeting Minutes 04/25/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 01/17/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 05/02/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 01/23/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 08/29/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 01/30/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 09/06/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 02/06/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 09/12/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 02/13/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 09/19/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 02/20/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 09/26/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 02/27/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/03/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 03/13/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/10/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 03/20/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/24/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 03/27/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 10/31/21 General Body Meeting Minutes 04/03/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/07/21 (Video Link) General Body Meeting Minutes 04/10/22
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/14/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 11/28/21
General Body Meeting Minutes 12/05/21


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Fall Semester (2021) Spring Semester (2022)
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 09/01/21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 01/19/22
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 09/08/21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 01/26/22
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 09/15/21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 02/02/22
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 09/22/21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 02/09/22
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 09/29/21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 02/16/22
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/06/21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 03/02/22
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/20/21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 03/16/22
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 10/27/21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 03/23/22
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/03/21 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 03/30/22
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/10/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11/17/21
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 12/01/21



Spring 2022 Budget
(Note: You must be signed into your Truman email account to access this Budget because it is still in use.)
Fall 2021 Budget

Appropriations & Fee Slates

10/03/21 Appropriations Slate
10/31/21 Appropriations Slate
02/27/22 Appropriations Slate
03/13/22 Appropriations Slate
04/10/22 Appropriations Slate
02/27/22 1st AFAC Slate
04/10/22 2nd AFAC Slate
04/10/22 ESFAC Slate


End of Year Reports

Primary Committees: Secondary Committees: Executive Board: Executive Staff:
Academic Affairs Committee Parking Appeals Committee President Legislative Director
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Athletic Fee Accountability Committee (AFAC) Vice President PR Director
Environmental Affairs Committee Environmental Sustainability Fee Accountability Committee (ESFAC) Secretary IT Director
External Affairs Committee Homecoming Ad-Hoc Committee Treasurer
Health, Wellness, and Safety Committee Purple Friday Committee Speaker
Student Affairs Committee


Spring & Fall 2021 Election Results

Click on the left image for a .pdf version of the Spring results, the right image for a .pdf of Fall results.