2006-2007 Session Records

Starting with the 2007 Spring Semester, the body engaged in a complete overhaul of the Student Government website, and made a new commitment to organizing and making readily available the following: resolutions discussed in sessions, minutes from general body meetings of the Student Government, and the minutes from Executive Committee meetings as well.

This hopefully makes it easier for non-members to remain informed about the proceedings of Student Government without having to attend every single meeting.


Resolution # Content Pass/Fail Vote
062.002 Realignment of Community Standards Passed 16-3-0
062.004 LEED Resolution Passed 18-0-0
071.001 Bike Co-Op Space Passed ???
071.004 New Repeat Policy Passed 13-0-0
071.005 Attendance Policy Passed 9-0-3
071.006 ??? Passed 12-5-3
071.007 Athletics Facility Fee Passed 15-0-2
071.008 Extended Course Descriptions Passed 16-0-0
071.009 Bright Flight Scholarships Passed 16-0-0
071.010 Academic Restructuring Passed 12-0-2
071.012 SPAC Documents Passed 15-3-1
071.013 Recycle Bins on the Quad Passed ???


Minutes from General Meetings

Minutes from the Executive Committee