As an elected body, Student Government strives to be transparent about its election processes. Here you will find election results for our most recent election, as well as relevant materials for candidates in the current election! Questions about elections? Email Elections Administrator Owen Smith at stugovelectionsadmin@truman.edu or the general StuGov account at studentgovernment@truman.edu.


Fall 2021 Election Information

The Student Government Fall 2021 Elections will be held from 8am on September 20th, 2021, to 4pm on September 23rd, 2021. Voting will occur online at vote.truman.edu. When announced, results can be found below and on the StuGov social media.

We encourage all students to get involved in StuGov! Running for election is one of the best ways students can create change on campus. We have fall elections in September and spring elections in April. Potential candidates should refer to the Fall 2021 Elections Handbook, which describes all things pertaining to our campaigning and election process. Potential candidates should also take a took at our official documents. If you’d like to get involved in StuGov sooner, you can apply for a position over on our Applications page.


Election Candidates

The following people have qualified for the Fall 2021 Election ballot:

Candidate Name Position Sought
PJ Wuennenberg Senior Senator
Luke Rascher Voting Senator
Blaine Smallwood Voting Senator
Alexis Cook Voting Senator
Sara Klamm Voting Senator
Colleen O’Reilly Incoming Senator
Adam Bishop Incoming Senator
Abigail Knabe Incoming Senator
Trevor Carey Incoming Senator
Owen Hamill Incoming Senator


Spring 2021 Election Results

(Click on either image for a .pdf version of the results.)

Want to get a chance to get to know our president and vice-president and their plans for Truman? Check out the Presidential Q&A Zoom on YouTube! President Shania Montúfar and Vice President Ethan Kershaw answer questions on everything from fossil fuels divestment to the definitive ‘best’ animal.