One way Student Senate serves the Student Body is through the passing of Resolutions. Here you will find all of the legislation the Body has passed this Session! Click here to see legislation from our previous session.


Click on the title of the resolution to view the text of the resolution, and click on the vote count to view how senators voted on the resolution (this may not be available for all resolutions).

Fall Semester (2022)
Resolution Number Resolution Title Pass/Fail Vote
122.001 A Resolution Allocating the Funding for Truman Days Pass Unanimous Consent
122.002  A Resolution Formalizing the New Logo, Updated Official Seal, and Branding Standards for the Student Government Pass Unanimous Consent
122.003  A Resolution in Support of a Cannabis and Natural Medicinals Major Pass 10-1-2
122.004 A Resolution in Support of a Legal Studies Minor Pass Unanimous Consent
122.005  A Resolution Amending the Standing Rules to Revise and Specify the Absence Policy Pass 11-2-2
Spring Semester (2023)
122.006  A Resolution Advocating for a Lactation Room on Truman State University’s Campus Pass Unanimous Consent
122.007 A Resolution Stressing the Importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education at Truman State University Pass Unanimous Consent
122.008  A Resolution Advocating for Dark-Sky Friendly Campus Lighting Pass 7-1-2
122.009 A Resolution Against The Civics Bill Pass Unanimous Consent
Fall Semester (2023)


Executive Orders

Fall 2022 Spring 2023
An Executive Order Establishing a Homecoming Ad Hoc Committee of the Student Government
An Executive Order Establishing a Governing Documents Review Board of the Student Government