One way Student Senate serves the Student Body is through the passing of Resolutions. Here you will find all of the legislation the Body has passed this Session!

2017-2018 Resolutions

Resolution Title Date
Organizational Activities Fee Review Committee Separation Resolution 4/30/17
Truman Transformations Funding Resolution 5/19/17
A Resolution Encouraging Faculty Senate to Postpone Voting on Curriculum Changes 9/24/17
A Resolution in Support of Establishing a Permanent International Flag Display on Truman’s Campus 10/8/17
A Resolution in Opposition to the Elimination of the Test-Out Option for the Speech 11/5/17
A Resolution Recommending Incorporation of Student Input in the Development of the New Liberal Studies Program 11/5/17
A Resolution Stating Student Government’s Opposition to an Ongoing Semesterly Exercise Requirement  11/26/17
A  Resolution Recommending all Faculty and Staff to Undergo Suicide Prevention Training 12/3/17
A Resolution in Support of the Creation of the Study Sunday’s Program 12/10/17
A Resolution Encouraging a Mass Email to Students Allowing for Preferred Names and Pronouns to be Privately Disclosed 12/10/17
A Resolution for a Fund for International Flag Display Handouts 1/28/18
A Resolution Designating the New Constitution of Student Government-Absentions 2/4/18
A Resolution Amending the Constitution of Student Government: Executive Board, Executive Staff, Executive Committee and Independent Council 2/18/18
A Resolution Urging More Appropriate Future Administrative Action Regarding Inclement Weather  2/25/18
Resolution to Provide a Permanent Solution to Providing Glass Recycling Collection and Transportation Services 2/25/18
A Resolution Encouraging Higher Budgetary Appropriations for Higher Education from the Missouri State Legislature  3/4/18
A Resolution for Reconditioning the Library Pit  3/4/18
Resolution for the Funding of Student Appreciation Week 3/4/18
Resolution Extending the Deadline for the Environmental Sustainability Fee Accountability Committee  3/18/18
A Resolution Amending the Standing Rules of Student Government: Appropriations Committee and Monetary Guidelines 3/18/18
A Resolution to Commemorate Emma Harvat 3/25/18
 A Resolution To Encourage Administrative Transparency Regarding Tuition Increases and Course Fees 3/25/18
A Resolution in Support of Changing the Current Course Repeat Policy 4/2/18
 A Resolution Opposing Department Budget Cuts to Student Media and Disproportionate Budget Cuts to the Index  4/8/18
A Resolution Encouraging a Student Health Fee Increase to Provide Improved Resources for Students 4/8/18
A Resolution Approving Spring 2018 Ballot Language for the Athletic Fee 4/8/18
A Resolution Amending the Constitution of Student Government: Procedural Matters 4/8/18
A Resolution Amending the Operating Procedures of the Athletic Fee Accountability Committee 4/8/18
A Resolution Amending the Standing Rules of Student Government: Procedural Matters  4/8/18

2017-2018 Appropriations Slates

No applications will be accepted after the first day of spring election campaigning of any academic year.

Slate Title Date:
Students for Life Appropriations Slate  11/25/17
Alpha Kappa Psi and Rotaract Appropriations Slates 12/3/17
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Appropriation Slate 12/10/17
College Democrats Appropriations Slate 2/11/18
Serve Center and Sharpshooters Appropriations Slates 2/25/18
Association for Computing Machinery Appropriations Slate 3/25/18
Enactus and Phi Epilson Kappa Appropriations Slates 4/2/18

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