One of the many services Student Senate Provides is the funding of various on campus organizations, events, and academic projects. If you have a proposal that you are interested in requesting funding for, please read the Funding Guidelines and fill out an application below!

Funding Guidelines

  • Student Government sponsorships are available to fulltime Truman students and U&I chartered campus organizations in good standing. The purpose of these sponsorships is to aid in the implementation of programs or projects that embody the mission and/or values of Truman State University based on the rubric designed by the appropriations committee
  • Individual students and student groups can apply for appropriations, not to exceed a total amount of $650 for the academic year. 
  • Recipients may make use of the funding awarded to them in an unlimited number of payments of any amount, provided that the total amount used does not exceed the amount awarded by the Committee. 
  • The Appropriations Committee has the authority to determine the amount of funding awarded prior to review and approval by the Student Senate. 
  • The Appropriations Committee reserves the right to deny funding for any reason. 
  • Applicants must submit a request a minimum of three weeks when the University is in session prior to the date the funds will be needed by. 
  • Applicants will be notified whether or not the application has been approved by no more than three weeks, when the University is in session, after funding has been requested. Requests must be for projects or programming to be implemented in the same academic year/semester in which funding is awarded. 
  • Students or student groups that do not implement the project or program, which funding is provided for, in the same academic year/semester that funding is awarded must forfeit the awarded amount.
  • All publications for projects or programs receiving funding from the Committee must contain the Student Government logo.
  • Students currently serving on Student Government are not eligible to receive funding as individuals. 
  • Student Government members affiliated with an organization applying for funding may assist in the preparation of the application, but cannot advocate for the organization during discussion within the Appropriations Committee or during a General Body meeting, and cannot provide information beyond that provided in the organization’s funding application. Additionally, Any student serving on the Student Government who is affiliated with a group that applies for funding a Student Government sponsorship must fully disclose the nature of the relationship in the application and whether or not they assisted in the application’s preparation at the first possible public meeting of the full body of the Student Government.
  • If a guideline is violated or the project or program does not occur, the student or student group must return all funding to the Student Government within 10 days of written notification from the Student Government. 

Any questions regarding funding from Student Government can be directed to the Appropriations Committee at: