2020-2021 Session Roster

These are the members of Student Government for the 2020-2021 Session. Click on their name to send them an email. Not all students’ emails will be active, as some will have graduated.

Abby Smeltzer,

Student Representative to the Board of Governors

Adam Barker,

Health, Wellness, and Safety Committee Co-Chair

Adam Paris,

Parking Appeals Committee Chair

Alec Knight,

PR Director

Alex Crawford,

Ethics Justice

Azeeza Eagal,

IT Director and Black Student Representative

Caroline Lesch,


Dan King,

Legislative Director

Emily Smith,

Speaker of the Student Senate

Ethan Kershaw,

Environmental Affairs Committee Chair

Grace Cochran,

SAB Representative

Jesse Wren,


Josh German,

Vice President of the Student Association

Joshna Karki,

Voting Senator

Joshua Grandstaff,

Incoming Senator

Katie Alexander,

President of the Student Association

Kennedy Cooper,

Diversity Committee Chair

Kiren MacLeod,

External Affairs Committee Chair

Liam Connolly,


Maddie Meyer,

Senior Senator

Matt Hall,

AFAC Chair

Mike Owsley,

Incoming Senator

Morgan Sprehe,

Women’s Leadership Conference Committee Chair

Owen Smith,

Deputy Ethics Justice

PJ Wuennenberg,

Voting Senator

Rachel Holt,

Voting Senator

Richard Parks,

Voting Senator

Sam Myers,

Purple Friday Committee Chair

Sam Tillman,

Senior Senator

Santino Bono,

Incoming Senator

Sutton Purinton,

Academic Affairs Committee Chair

Tori Woods,

Health, Wellness, and Safety Committee Co-Chair

Warren Barge,

Student Affairs Committee Chair